CBA Program: Lawyers Getting Jobs in 2012

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10/31/2012 by loyolalawcso

Tuesday, November 6th @ 12:15 p.m. at the CBA (321 S. Plymouth Court)

If you are applying to positions and not hearing back, maybe it’s time to tweak your approach! Come find out if there is something that you are doing that is sending your applications straight to the “no” pile. Take your job search to the next level by strategically tailoring your communications.

Nancy Mackevich Glazer, Legal Launch LLC
Katherine Erwin, Independent Career Coach

In this session, Ms. Glazer and Ms. Erwin will discuss:
1. Networking emails (how to maximize responses when you reach out to your contacts and their contacts);
2. Cover letters (don’t miss this opportunity to tell them why you’re the perfect candidate for the job!); and
3. Fine-tuning your resume (avoid the common errors that will knock you out of contention)

Students: Consider joining the CBA as a student member for only $12 per year! This is a great opportunity to attend more events and meet more practitioners!

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