Loyola Alum in the Pro Bono Spotlight

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11/26/2012 by loyolalawcso

The following article was posted on the website of the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing praising Loyola alum, Eunice Lee, for the pro bono work that she has done for the organization throughout the past year.


Last October, we at LCBH had the good fortune of Eunice Lee stumbling upon our table at the Kirkland & Ellis Pro Bono Fair. She recalls meeting LCBH Legal Director Mark Swartz and listening to a persuasive sales pitch and promise that if she came to LCBH she would be in court litigating in no time.

As a recent law school graduate looking to gain courtroom experience, the offer sounded intriguing and Eunice signed up to volunteer. Now, one year later, Eunice has dedicated over 600 hours of her time to helping renters through serious housing problems. She says that the friendliness of staff and volunteers and the flexible office environment have kept her coming back.

Looking back over the last year, Eunice says her favorite part of working at LCBH is talking to clients and hearing their stories. “It’s easy to take your comfortable living situation for granted,” she says, but working at LCBH has opened her eyes to individuals and families whose situations are far more tenuous. She was shocked to learn how easy it is for landlords to take advantage of families who do not know they have legal recourse, but is glad that they have somewhere to turn. “I’m glad LCBH is here to help. There is nothing like direct representation for empowering a family in crisis.”

Eunice says that she would like to take the litigation skills she has developed at LCBH and branch out into other areas of law. She works part-time as a pharmacist and would like to explore the intersection of health care and law in the future. We would like to thank Eunice for her hand work and ongoing commitment to LCBH.


Eunice Lee is a Class of 2009 alum of Loyola University Chicago School of Law. We’re proud to have an alum doing such great work in the Chicago legal community!

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