City of Chicago, Department of Law — Deadline Extension

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01/11/2013 by loyolalawcso

The City of Chicago Department of Law will hire 30 1Ls & 2Ls for its unpaid 10-week Summer Law Clerk Program.

Clerks will be assigned to a practice division and participate in activities that could include assisting in trial preparation; attending depositions, real estate closings, client meetings, and court proceedings; researching legal issues; and drafting memoranda, briefs, and contracts.

Under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711, with supervision, 2Ls may take depositions, represent the City at arbitration proceedings, and examine witnesses in state and federal court. Clerks will also participate in a lecture series featuring topics such as environmental law and first amendment law, and will receive mentors.

The deadline to apply has been extended through March 1, 2013. To apply, submit a cover letter (indicating your preferred division), resume, law school transcript, and 5-20 page writing sample. See website for additional requirements.

Offers are extended on a rolling basis, so apply as early as possible if you are interested in this opportunity!

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